At RoPhi we believe in collaborations and open-innovation. Having extensive experience and knowledge in robotics, fixtures and controllers, we also see that our specific products are not the solution to every problem in the world. We are therefore excited to announce our open approach to innovation.


RoPhi offer its leading expertise in robotics, kinematics and fixtures as a service tailored to your needs. We are also interested in hearing about your ideas where there is a potential for joint development and consulting.


Mechanical design, analysis & manufacturing


With our extensive experience in robot and fixture development, we can help you with your machine development project from beginning to the project end. We provide design, full mechanical analysis and manufacturing services. 


Control system development


Industrial projects require integration of appropriate control strategies. With our expertise in our robotic products, we have developed a modular controller software that has the capacity to be modified rapidly for any industrial machine. By using our standard motion functions from motor synchronization to interpolation and force control, we can answer many of your needs.