RoPhi´s data-gathering and treatment software system is completely hardware agnostic, meaning it can be applied to any machines or process data output. Coupled with our hardware, you can easily connect it to any sensor, machine or process to attain clean, actionable, real-time data on your system in the form of frequency and amplitude. Our system truly makes your analytics plug-and-play, and works perfectly as a learning basis for any machine learning or predictive maintenance software.





Automatic noise filtering

Real-time frequency & amplitude analysis for all sensory input

No human supervision needed

Guaranteed input & output in respect to real-time

Zero loss, corruption or incorrect data at all times.

Gives you Frequency and Amplitude of all behaviors of your system

Feature & filter to label all data according to machine state 

Reduce size of data with a 1:500 ratio minimum

Up to 1000 Hz sampling rate

Cloud, on-site or near-machine processing of data

Manual or automatic supervision of output

Optional raw data storage


Industrial data gathering and analysis for any application.

Real-time & error-free data acquisition

Solution that collects and prepares all your data in a secure way.